Manpower Services

Entire Solutions General Trading Co. supply our Manpower on hourly basis for various types/categories for Industries as per their requirements. Our Manpower resources offers a wide range of choices from Skilled and semi-skilled to unskilled workers.

ES currently sponsors more than 100 workers. Entire Solutions General Trading Co. fulfills all the requirements of our work force which includes all legal matters as well. Technical skills, motivation to work hard and the capability and willingness to take up daunting work conditions, make our technicians and workers most sought after in the entire sector. ES effectively musters together the organizations in need of human resource for improved production and a thriving pool of highly skilled workers. We assure to fulfill all your demands. Our Manpower Services team offer various manpower outsourcing services.

We lead manpower suppliers in Kuwait in the following categories:

General helpers









Steel fixers



Drivers - light & Heavy

Heavy-duty drivers

Mini bus drivers

Heavy bus drivers

Forklift operators

Heavy equipment operators

Warehouse operators

Office boys and assistants

The ES add on advantage for availing our manpower outsourcing and manpower supply services include:

As authorized providers of manpower services and outsource manpower in Kuwait we take care of all related paperwork and administrative processes.

We also provide our dedicated personnel to ensure our clients a smooth and hassle free process.
Accommodation and transport , Sponsorship

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