We currently operate over 5000 square feet closed space and 10000 square feet opened space in Kuwait. We have superb quality facilities. Complete code date tracking and stock rotation are all integral to our services.

We handle the distribution needs of each of our valued customers approaching every situation uniquely with closest attention as a very real member of that company’s distribution team. We look forward to constantly improve our operation in terms of both logistics and productivity, aiming for a low cost, high satisfaction experience to our customers. Our service ventures spanning a vast time scale to our esteemed clients stands testimonial to our success in these efforts.

ES is happy to comply with all legally required safety, health and environmental practices, with our goal being catering to the desires of our clients. To ensure on-going regulatory compliance, ES conducts regular training programs and each of our operating sites is audited on a routine basis. We make sure local fire marshals are invited to visit and inspect our operations as well as receiving additional scrutiny, insurance representatives, and our other client’s personnel.


We offer staggered shift operation, five days per week on a general basis, with essential personnel available 24-hours a day, seven days a week on call-in basis.