Heavy Equipement Rental

Entire Solutions Rental Division, the pioneer in the short and medium term rental solutions sector, incubated this novel concept of renting equipment initially in Kuwait. Today our division leads this sector from the forefront, offering equipment, engines and generators for construction, mining, industrial, petroleum and agricultural applications.

With the help of our expert rental specialists and a highly skilled service team who match job specifications with the machines, work tools and power products customers require, Entire Solutions Rental Division efficiently eliminates downtime and ensures a seamless rental experience. In addition this sector provides our various other privileges, which includes absolutely zero maintenance/storage cost and capital investment making rental an efficient and cost-effective solution for our cherished clients.

Our crane & heavy equipment rental division enjoys the limelight with a successful track record of supplying quality units to major regional and international clients and their contractors for various projects throughout Kuwait.

Our mission is to remain worthy of the recognition and trust our clients have on Entire Solutions as the most reliable equipment rental organization and the safest source for construction, industrial equipment and services. Our heavy equipment fleet totals more than 55 pieces of equipment, consisting of bulldozers, excavators, front-wheel loaders, back-hoe loaders, graders, side-booms, boom trucks and heavy-duty low-bed trailers for transportation of this equipment. We have been engaged in the execution of multi-faceted commercial, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering projects.

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