CCTV Surveillance

CCTV System is a boon allowing us to safely manage high-risk areas offering effective deterrence to theft, control of inventory, hike in productivity , frisk fraudulent insurance claims, remote monitoring of parking lots and building exteriors. What makes us unique in the scenario is our cutting edge technology which enables us to offer the latest in CCTV and IP video surveillance as an antidote to all your security challenges. We are proud of our enviable track record in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of enterprise-level surveillance systems

Access Control

Access Control System is the amalgamation of a reader, a controller, a power supply and an electronic unlocking mechanism. Our flexible range of Access Control Systems empowers a system administrator with a full control over granting or denying access to a controlled area. What makes us special is our expertise in catering to a wide range of unique, customer requirements from standard single-site ID and access management stand-alone systems up to enterprise-level schemes encompassing many sites over multiple time zones.

Standalone access control
  - Waterproof access controller IP68
  - Fingerprint access control
  - RFID standalone access control

Electric Door lock
  - Electromagnetic lock/bracket
  - Electric bolt lock
  - Electric strike lock
  - Cabinet lock

IT Infrastructure & LAN Networking

With the surge in demand from the market, Entire Solutions is ever ready to provide open converged Ethernet/IP networks offering data, voice, and video to share the same infrastructure and enabling enterprise to deploy a single, secure and scalable network that supports both wired and wireless access to business resources.

Network infrastructure refers to the hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network. It provides the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks/the Internet.

We are adept in Designing & Installing the following:

  - Network Topology and Architecture Design
  - Data, Voice & Video Networking
  - LAN, MAN & WAN Networking
  - Multi pair Copper Back-Bone Systems
  - IP & Analogue EPBX Systems
  - VoIP & IP Telephony
  - Industrial Installation of Copper & Fiber Cables
  - Data Centre Networking
  - Structured Cabling Systems
  - Total Fiber Optic Solutions
  - Cable Management Systems
  - Engineering, Planning & Optimization.